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Child Custody Attorney in San Diego

Divorce is rarely a simple matter, but when the spouses pursuing divorce are parents, it can become much more complicated. Child custody and visitation are among the most sensitive issues that can arise during a divorce, and finding a reasonable balance that respects the rights of both parents as well as protects the interests of the children can often be difficult. However, with the help of an experienced legal professional, finding a resolution for this issue can be much easier.

At Fischer & Van Thiel, LLP, we know how important parents in San Diego view child custody and visitation agreements, and the damage it can cause if a person does not get the arrangement they want or feels is best for their children. For this reason, it is typically best to have a lawyer who is intimately familiar with family law and custody issues representing your interests.

Child Custody and Visitation Legal Issues

Though establishing child custody and visitation agreements is integral to finalizing the divorce between parents, making sure it is reflective of their changing circumstances as time passes is also essential. As such, many people find themselves needing legal help with the following:

  • Modifications to Visitation Agreements
  • Enforcing Visitation Agreements
  • Ensuring that you have the custody and visitation arrangement that is best for you and your family is critical, but can be difficult without the help of an attorney.

Speak with a Child Custody and Visitation Lawyer in San Diego

If you need help with any legal concerns relating to child custody and visitation, our experienced legal team from Fischer & Van Thiel, LLP, is here for you. We have years of experience representing clients in custody matters and can utilize that knowledge to help you. Call 760-722-7646 today to speak with a qualified member of our professional staff and learn more about your rights and options under the law.