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San Diego Child Support Lawyers

After two parents decide that they have reached a point in their marriage at which they no longer wish to remain together, there often remain a number of different issues to be resolved. Among the most important of these are child custody and child support arrangements. Child support, unfortunately, can often become an extremely contentious issue, both during the divorce proceedings and after a settlement has been reached.

Whether you are the person paying or receiving child support, our lawyers at Fischer & Van Thiel, LLP, know how important child support is for people in California. Depending on the amount that you pay or receive, it can have a significant impact on your finances, making it critical to get the child support agreement you believe is best and most reasonable for you and your child.

Legal Issues Regarding Child Support

When it comes to child support agreements, determining an initial one is just as important as making sure that the agreement is enforced and reflects the parents’ current circumstances. As such, many people find themselves seeking help not only to create an initial child support agreement, but also when dealing with:

  • Modifications to Support Agreements
  • Enforcing Support Agreements

For these and other issues that child support agreements can create, having a legal professional on your side who knows what it takes to get you the outcome you want can be invaluable.

Talk to a Child Support Attorney in San Diego

When you need help with any aspect of your child support arrangement, call 760-722-7646. Our lawyers at Fischer & Van Thiel, LLP, know how much these payments can affect your life and finances, and are prepared to fight for your rights and interests under the law. With our help and guidance, you may be able to get the child support arrangement you want and feel is best for your family.